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<body text="pink"> <font face="comic sans ms" size="8" color=pink><marquee behavior="alternate">_.c.h.e.r.o._</font></marquee> <font face="arial" size="2" color=white><body... read more <body text="pink"> <font face="comic sans ms" size="8" color=pink><marquee behavior="alternate">_.c.h.e.r.o._</font></marquee> <font face="arial" size="2" color=white><body background="" bg properties="fixed"> My name is Cheryl preferably written as "Chero" but anything's fine. I am currently 13 years of age. I live in the wonderful and SARS-free city of Toronto. So I'm a Torontonian and proud to be! I was borned and raised until the age of 6 in a small village along the east coast of China. I'm usually loud and outspoken. I express myself and is an active participant around my school. Usually, I'm cheerful and energetic. During days where I'm not, something's REALLY wrong. I love to laugh and act younger than my age! Cooking along with eating are two of my favourite things to do when I'm bored. Mysteries captivate me and stories and novels on the struggles Jews and slaves went through in the past interest me. I am a sports person. I play many differents kinds of sports..... except types that do not have a lot of movement in them. I dislike golf. I find it really boring. I believe in equity amongst men and women. I believe they should be judged equally and treated fairly. I disagree with the old customs of how the men are "better" than women. Women are just as skillful as men. I dislike being underestimated by my peers. Being accused of acts I personally did not take part in annoys me. I will raise my temper in situations like that. Other than these topics, I really don't mind anything else. As well, other than these topics, my temper stays calm and controled. I may become wild with my loudness and sometimes will forget to pipe down. I'm working on trying to realize how loud I become before I become a pain for others. Patience is what lacks in my personality. I tend to do things in a rush and will often become irritated if someone is taking too much time on a specific task. I try to wait and just let my classmates do their thing before I bug in. I think I have improved from last year though. My favourite subjects in school are french, physical education and drama and dance. I like to learn new things and languages. They challenge me. Physical education is just somesubject I like. I'm sure, that subject is on everyone's "favourites" list. Drama and dance fall in my favourites list because I love to be something or someone I'm not. I like to fool around and I'm not afraid to step on stage and act. I think I'm good with drama and acting since I have fooled many of my friends without them knowing. ^^ I hate math!! Sure, it's challenging and a brainer but to me, it's TOO much of a challenge and frustrating. Math isn't my strong area therefore; I go to math school! As I have said, I am an active participant around my school, I join practically anything. Since I am involved with so many clubs and teams, I learn and try to balance out my extra-curricular activities and school. Sometimes, I would lean to one side of the scale and become mad at myself for doing that. Fortunately, I always have noticed my balancing scale and have tried to keep the beam lined up at 0. I'm satisfied with where my life is right now. I hope to be successful in the future and that's basically......ME.</font>

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