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Posted on Aug 30, 2003  |   1891 views  

2nd National Youth Parliament This is the ideal place to design your own custom page, filled with whatever you can imagine from products, pictures, fan clubs, links or just more information.The National Youth Parliament (NYP) is a biennial assembly of youth representing the various sub-sectors and geographical groupings nationwide to develop a legislative-executive agenda for youth development. The Youth Parliament is a venue for young men and women to participate in the national decision-making processes of the government. The proceedings, declarations and resolutions of the Parliament will guide the Commission in its undertakings and will form part of the legislative agenda of the Medium Term Youth Development Plan (MTYDP). Mandated under RA 8044, representation in the Parliament is based on equal geographical representation between men and women, and ensures maximum participation of the youth through the representation of the four youth sub-sectors. NYP delegates areappointed as NYC provincial/city or sectoral volunteer coordinators for the implementation of NYC programs in their respective areas.


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