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POCHOLO GONZALES Pocholo "Choy" Gonzales is one of the Philippines premiere voice artists. Specializing in original character voice for animation and dubbing, voice... read more Pocholo "Choy" Gonzales is one of the Philippines premiere voice artists. Specializing in original character voice for animation and dubbing, voice impersonation, radio drama, radio and television ads, id's, and children show VO. Choy is best known for his young, fresh, funny, different and friendly sound. He finished BA Speech Communication and MA Broadcast Communications at the University of the Philippines Diliman. Choy's distinctive qualities and celebrated tones have attracted many top advertising agencies, television networks, radio stations and producers from throughout the Philippines for their national television campaigns, radio spots, and film and video narration. Choy can imitate the voices of local personalities like Marc Logan, Mike Enriquez, Fernando "FPJ" Poe Jr., Joseph "Erap" Estrada, Gloria "GMA" Macapagal Arroyo, Ferdinand "Macoy" Marcos, Babalu, Romy Diaz, Gus Avelgas, Michael V., Robin Padilla, Ben Tisoy, Antonio "Mang Tonyo" Sanchez, Leo "Kabayan" Martinez, Juan Flavier, Inday Garutay and others. He can also do the voices of Spongebob SquarePants, Patrick the starfish, Squidwerk, Golum, Scoobydoo, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, JarJar Binks, Popeye, Brutus and others. Pocholo Gonzales has voiced and dubbed literally thousands of hours on animation as well for famous titles like Gundam Seed Destiny, Bubu Chacha, Saber Marionette J to X, Wedding Peach, Gullivers Travels, Soul Hunter, Tico and Friends, Remi: Nobody's Girl, Isami, Negima, Cromartie High, Super Doll Licca, MegaMan, The Twins at St. Clare's, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Magic Girls, Jester the Adventurer, Swiss Family Robinson, Digimon, Cuore, Hamos the Green Chariot, Judie, Jenny, Jumanji, Ultraman Gaia, Detective Conan, Wing Commander, Lazer Patrol, Two Years Vacation with Dinosaurs and Cyborg Kuro Chan as Kuro Chan and Kulas. He also dubbed tsinovelas and telenovelas like Meteor Garden as the father of San Chai, Chabelito as Ricardo Sottomayor and Roman, Camila as Dr. Wink and Atty. Mario Layva, Samantha, Sinti, and Tabatina. In January 2006, Creative Programs Inc. hired Choy as Voice/Dubbing Director for HERO TV animations. Hero TV is the only all Tagalog-Dubbed Channel in Philippine history. This includes 8 Man After - Voice Director/Writer/Translator/Voice of Hazama Itsuro/8 Man, Demon Lord Dante- Voice Director/Writer/Translator/ Voice of Ryo Utsugi - Offside - Voice Director/Writer/Translator/Voice of Yakumaru and Shura No Toki - Voice Director. Choy has also voiced hundreds of local commercials for clients such as PLDT, Bayantel, Globe Telecom, Smart Telecom, Sun Cellular, Touch Mobile, Mercury, InfoComm ISP, Cymbush 5 EC, Standard Electric Fan, Univest Vetracin gold for Gamefowls, Level Up, Safeguard, Pepsi, Splash Pharmaceuticals, PS Bank, Enervon, Mabuhay Tinapay, National Bookstore, Coffeemate, Wendy's, Insular Life, North Luzon Expressway, Ricestar Extra, Lomotil, Bibo Hotdog, AIG Insurance, Oral B, Surf, Petron, Maxx 5 Plain, RCBC Savings, Green Philippine Highway DENR, Saranggani Bay Smoked Bangus, Baygon Mosquito Killer, Nay Charing Instant Fried Rice Mix, Wow Magic Sing, Double Mint Gum, Coca-cola, Colt 45, Red Bowl Sardines, Sprite, Argentina Meat Loaf, Minola Budget Pouch, Maggi Tomato and Meat Cube , Western Union Money Transfer, My ISP Load, Alaxan/Enervon, Milo, Jectran, Pedialite, SmartTalk, Dazz, Smart Buddy "D' Anothers, Petron Lakbay Alalay 2005, Xenical, Smart Zed, Neozep, Green Cross, Phimco, Fruitella, Purefoods, UNILAB UHP, Revecon, Ponkana, Pepsi- Lipton Ice Tea and so on. Choy works as freelance voice talent for local audio production houses such as Hit Productions, Sound Design Productions, Liquid Post, Digitrax, Ignite Media, Ad Farm, Noisy Neighbors, Audio Media, RoadRunner Audio Post, Cutting Edge Productions and 101 Beat. Choy also work with well-known TV/radio stations and institutions like ABS-CBN 2, GMA 7, ABC 5, RPN 9, IBC 13, DZMM, DZRH, DZME, DZXL, DZRV, DZUP, Sarimanok News Network, VG Productions, National Office of Mass Media and Philippine Childrens' Television Foundation Inc. as reporter, broadcaster, host, voice talent, voice over, radio drama talent and voice director. His program includes Lakas Kabataan, Tinig Kabataan, Radyo-Radyo, Awit-Tawanan, Sey Mo, Sey Ko, Text Love, Kandila, Radyo Balintataw, Mr. Romantico, May Pangako ang Bukas, Ito ang Palad Ko, Serviam, Bagong Aklat IX, Iisa ang Buhay, Showbiz Recados, Hagupit ng Pagkakataon, Batibot, Batang Batibot, Koko Kwik-kwak, Tatak Pinoy and Sineskwela. Again, if you're looking for a fun, friendly and accessible VO, voice-over, voiceover voice Pocholo Gonzales should be considered for your next trailer, promo, or narration job. Pocholo Gonzales has worked with personalities like Mike Enriquez and Vicky Morales of GMA, Mr. Fernando Ortigas of Ortigas Center, Mr. Francisco Colayco of Professional Group, Joey Galvez of DZMM, Tiya Dely Magpayo of DZRH and many more. Recording radio and television promos, dubbing for animation and character voicing is a unique skill for a voice artist. Voice acting for promos which is fresh, friendly, warm and fun is what Pocholo Gonzales is all about. For radio imaging, TV promos, narration, trailers or any other voice work, Pocholo Gonzales is your talent. Currently, he's managing his own voice over company Creativoices Productions. He produces the only tv program that promotes voice acting and features voice talents entitled VOICE OF THE YOUTH TV. He was the founder of the only organization that promotes voice acting as an art and career. The Society of Young Voice Artists of the Philippines. (SVYAP) and Voice Of the YOuth Network Contact Pocholo Gonzales voice actor through or the Creativoices Productions, the Voice of Creativity.