Wolf in sheep's clothing

Posted on Oct 22, 2021  |   391 views  

Ever since the beginning, Nature has trusted mankind with its resources. It has trusted us to care for everything it has given us. And every time, we have used its resources with false promises of protection, calling it “Mother Nature”. Each time, we have betrayed it− we set nature’s trust ablaze, both metaphorically and literally. Humanity has always been a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and it won't be long before we have no nature to care for. In my painting, Nature’s hand− the hand surrounded by greenery− is blindly trusting Humanity’s hand− the hand on fire− to help it. Nature doesn’t see the danger; it doesn’t see how it too will be engulfed in flames by trusting humanity. Art by student of Suncity School

Nemat Bhandari | 16 | India

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