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Old Man's Motorcycle

Posted on Feb 27, 2018  |   2407 views  

This is one of my photo that represented me as an Indonesia, but why? In the photo, you can see an old man that ride his old blue bike, outside a big city. In fact, this photo was taken when i traveled with my school to Madura. Madura is an island, that's not so big, just across the most crowded island in Indonesia, Java. From the island of Java, people can traveled there by water, which take a short ferry ride or pass the Suramadu Bridge, that connect it with the island of java. Back to the photo, I see this photo as something that need to change. Not the old man, but the bike it self. Well here's the deal. you can see the bike is an old bike, so it must produce more emission than a newer bike. In Indonesia it self, there are about 121,39 million of motorized vehicle, 81,5% of thoese which is about 98,9 million of those are motorcycle. Can you imagine in about 5 to 10 years from now? How many the number will grow? So, that's why we need to invented or developt some new kind of technology that will reduce the amount of emission that came out of our vehicle exhaust system. Or, we can do another more simple way, just use more public transportation.

Amarthya Faeyza Pradana | 16 | Bekasi | Indonesia

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