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Seeking with The Bird

Posted on Feb 27, 2018  |   2113 views  

Birds loves to migrate, so birds is just like a signal for a climate changes. Usually animals instinct has an attendance to guide bird to a more suitable places. A negative will basically moved the birds away. In the Europe, the amount of population of birds to adapt in the winter condition is getting lower and lower. On the other side of the world, In Borneo, birds are moving away to the higher places. While in Mexico, many regions are actually losing some endemic bird species due to the changes of temperature and also the climate. Unstable climatic changes also affect the standards of the habitat. Birds have their own standards for temperatures, so that can make them survive. If this is disturbed, the bird will eventually move away to a more suitable places. Some species will go to the higher or to the lower places. Although moving can solve the problem, it is not necessarily for other problems. Previous abondoned habitats usually provide a source of feed for the bird species themselves. A bird that usually meet the need for feed in the trees that grow in the lowlands may found some difficulties, if the bird have to move to a higher places.

Amarthya Faeyza Pradana | 16 | Bekasi | Indonesia

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