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What we are doing?

Posted on Feb 27, 2018  |   1972 views  

I reimagined my 'characters' as human (female) faces since we are the main cause of the mess we live in. On the left, I expressed our 'before' - what our environment looked like, and on the right, I expressed our 'becoming' - what our environment is turning to. We can see the division of the bright, vibrant colors and the dark, dull as a sign that for us and our choices, there is no in between. The speech bubbles represent the causes or main objectives (whichever you want to see it as). I don't know if you can tell but the nature side has softer features and the opposite has harsher features. My intention was to show how we handle each side through facial features and expressions (pretty neat, right?). I purposely overcrowded my piece as a symbol of how we are pushing things to the limit rather than keeping things simple.

Jeong Eun Son (Jes) | 15 | Nairobi | Kenya

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