Atonement-Al Ghufran, الغفران

Posted on Oct 28, 2004  |   1483 views  

Theres a Hopeless but Hopefull human there who's pointing his arms to the sky asking for "Ghufran-غفران" (in arabic-means: forgiveness,atonement)... This despair leaves u Numb, but Furious.. In this drawing i also symbolized the moment before Jesus died ,asking for Mercy... Its known that Jews celebrate the "day of atonement" in which they make peace with others... So its very cynical Because here The palestinian is the one whos asking for Pardon from the suffer jews/israelies cause HIM!. The palestinian figure also openes his hands toward a village he cant reach!,- symolizes deserted villages and the despair of palestinian refugees today!..


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