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Korey Anthony Chisholm

What can I say, I am one of the most skillful players of my time, and on a football team I will run the midfield and have defenders quivering in their SOCKS!!! Every time I am a round its... read more What can I say, I am one of the most skillful players of my time, and on a football team I will run the midfield and have defenders quivering in their SOCKS!!! Every time I am a round its magic!!!!! And I’m gonna b even more successful in years to come!!! Lol self praise noting wrong with it this section is all about me lol. As I was saying about me I'm Blood Group A. I have an amazingly wonderful personality. I am perfect and ambitious, an artist and due to being quirkiness, it is hard for me to fit in. I am loyal and people trust me for my honesty. I am a nut job, pretty nuts! I laugh at some people's misfortune, and talk to myself awfully lot, but I am still not crazy enough to need to be committed, I just need some psycho-therapy lol. My sexuality personality is The Dominatrix! I am a take-charge kinda guy. I know what I want and I know what to do to make my lover scream in ecstasy whether they want it or not! My best quality is I am out-going! People like me because I am fun to be around and no one ever knows what I will do next. Also y I am not afraid to say or do whatever I want. I have the kind of heart that takes time and do not fall in love easily. I will give 50% in a relationship, and expect 50% in return. I like to handle my problems directly and immediately. I am alright with not seeing him so often. I expect the person to change for us. I measure my desire to whomever I love by the amount of desire he shows me. I fall out of love easily I am like a piano, very bubbly and bright, like to be the center of attention and love when people notice me. I thrive on people liking and accepting me. It’s wonderful, but it get to my head some times lol. I must realize not everybody wants to be my friend. I am trusting and hardworking, and tend to learn quickly, don't like to be active much unless it is in my studies/music, love going to parties and being with friends, but often tend to shut my family out of my life. The piano is very temperamental and with that comes a sea of emotions. I'm very trusting and loving to people very easily but if they hurt me, I can hold a grudge for years I am a human being what u think. My birthday the 5th May Tarsus means a hip non-conformist who truly stands for my beliefs - I am out to make a difference in this world, and I have a realistic chance of success. I am always been self-driven and derive my inspiration from those close to me. Very Ambitious - and why shouldn’t I be - the sky is the limit for me! With personality strengths Bravery and innovation, personality weakness is obsession; my sense o f humor style is clever, adjectives to describe me courageous and adventurous. I am tolerant and conscious of others, and people are generally drawn to my kind open demeanor. I give help when it is needed and enjoy the happiness of others. Sometimes I may have bad days, but try not to take it out on other people. My goodness inspires people to be the same way, and I know that my friends will do the same things for me that I do for them. I am multi-talented, and believe we grow only by sharing with others. Most people would be jealous of my clever intellect, but as I said just too close to peoples' hearts to bring about jealousy. Creative and original, I am usually thinking of bleeding edge ideas. Witty and quick thinking, I have difficulty finding new challenges if you got one bring it on lol. I think people should be who u want to be and noting else, I think……. I am one of those unique individuals u will ever meet, Loyal is the word, I will use to best describe myself. Korey is my name. I am at a stage in my life where I found me and working towards including people that can help me grow and learn as a person. I love Life and believe in having healthy conversation. Well I like a lot of things I am very open mined person, don't have like's and dislike's really. <a href=>Facebook me!</a> Bio of Korey Anthony Chisholm With the aspiration of becoming an International Youth Leader, Advocate and an icon for positive change, 21yr old Korey Chisholm sees himself as a global individual fully capable of forming solutions to global issues. He is a Guyanese native resident of the Caribbean family and renounces the title of a Third World individual. As a Christian, he refuses to lower his standards of morality or compromise his faith and relationship with Jesus Christ for absolutely any reasons at all. He is a very sociable and loving individual who is extremely devoted to the effective and consistent development of the young people. His aim is to efficiently and thoroughly impact the minds of young people, enabling them to see themselves as catalysts, to create significant change within their lives, homes, countries and by extension the world and thus activate and birth the talents, gifts and resources they naturally possess. Korey hold CXC Passes and awards for global youth service 2006 and outstanding peer education and volunteer work 2005. Korey’s many achievements come mainly from his enthusiasm and love for volunteerism in youth development and leadership. He is currently a Special Youth Fellow for UNAIDS Special Youth Programme in Geneva, the projects assistant for GuyberNet (A global sustainable development information and training centre)in Guyana and a peer educator/counselor with local Non- Governmental Organizations in his country. Over the past 5 years, Korey has served as the national focal point for Guyana on GYCA, community facilitator for EveryChild Guyana, an advocate for Commonwealth Youth Programme for positive living and volunteer as peer educator/counselor for young people, person in same sex relationships & sex workers. He has also served as the Chairperson of GuyberNet Youth Arm. Korey received training in youth leadership & development, appreciative inquiry, character building, regional governance, self-awareness & personal development, facilitation, identifying special educational needs, STI, HIV/AIDS education, performing arts, script writing & design. It's Korey's belief, that ones purpose births his passions, and his passions determine his priorities. Any young person who has found there purpose, lives their passions and knows their priorities, is a young person that has truly empowered and will always succeed. Young people are the pulse of the nations, the heartbeat of the earth and hold the future of the world in their minds. OBJECTIVE To gain a position where my education skills, knowledge and experience will be optimally utilized as an asset to the organization to promote youth development and create opportunities, involve community members in developing skills, experience and confidence to effect positive change. ACHIEVEMENTS One of the persons selected to do Youth in Governance Programme United Nations Development Programme. Working in an Administrative position for a Youth development Organisation Being: 1. Able to go a Youth Challenge Guyana Project as the only Guyanese Challenger. 2. A Role model and a Good influence to young people and an advocate for People Living with HIV/AIDS. 3. Being one of the youngest Volunteer and Peer Educator/Counselor working with more than Four (4) NGO’s in Guyana. 4. Youngest male singer in United Voice Choir sitting on the Executive Counsel for Four (4) years functioning in different Capacity. 5. Elected as the Chairperson for GuyberNet Youth Arm and a member of the Board of Director. 6. An Intern at UNAIDS -Special Youth Programme and Receiving a Full Sponsorship for International AIDS Society for International AIDS Conference 2008. 7. On the Youth in Governance Programme With the UNDP& UWI Most importantly is being able to see the age 20 and living positively in my community. Having to become the first National Focal Point for Guyana on the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS. Awards Out-standing Community Service 2004 Big Five Award 2004 Out-standing Peer Education work 2005 Global Youth Service 2006 HOBBIES AND INTERESTS Music, outdoor activities, camping, community service, youth and health work, .arts and crafts, household arts, dancing, educating and teaching, cooking, nutrition, Caring for children and elderly persons, counseling, outreach ministries, reading about health and food, children ministries, fabric printing, creating and designing, youth and outdoor Leadership, hiking, fire building and camp cookery, camp craft, drilling and marching, wilderness living, semi-phone , sign language, and chatting with friends on the computer. About the work you currently do: “Being a volunteer has been the most rewarding occupation that I have experienced in my life” All over the world there are young people who currently volunteering in many capacities. Some of them are involved in youth organizations that support people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA’s), others care for children and abused women while there is a great number who join teams and travel to other countries where they help build houses with those in need. I am please to state I am a volunteer living and working in Guyana. My name is Korey Chisholm and I am 20years of age, I feel moved by my current occupation that I would like to share my experiences that I have gained with the different non-government organizations. I started volunteering with Artistes In Direct Support (AIDS) in 2003. I worked in many areas of peer education and counseling. I started experiencing what partnership means, and how important this is with AIDS. My journey with them continues to be great and make me reflect on how this important the fellowship with god made me realize what a real partnership means for me. In 2005 I went t o do work for Habitat for Guyana at their head quarters. Working there with the volunteer coordinator was an interesting experience of coexistence; I was able to bring my previous knowledge to habitat. I was encouraged to choose the volunteer job I like; this made me feel empowered to take responsibility. I got new knowledge form habitat, ranging form hammering nails, to management. The environment facilitated this. As it is said, habitat was a change to partner with other volunteers form all over the world and gain lifelong friendships. After my fulfilling experience with Habitat I was motivated to join Youth Challenge Guyana (YCG). It certainly did not disappoint me, for it was another great adventure in a different way. It was a change to give a part of myself to an organization with a mission in which I could relate to and believe in, at the same time it was a change to learn and experience a different place, a different way of life, meet have fun and develop friendships with diverse people who came form Australia, Canada and even Costa Rica. I currently work with the HIV/AIDS program. I also concentrate my efforts working to support field activities and volunteers through the Program Support Unit (PSU). I have assisted by performing telephoning duties, expediting, expediting, food packaging and general office assisting. Granted that I may be on a keyboard and computer or manipulating a pen on paper at a desk many times, these were my tools were my tools this time around as compared to those of a saw and hammer like with habitat for humanity. I do believe though that I make my own little contribution in a very special way. It may not be evident but I may not see the direct results of my work at the end of the day but I do believe on helping organize the administrative side is as important as laying down the bricks on a new house. But as all journeys we embark on in life it is not just parties, fun, laughter and excursions (which are awesome by the way) that matter but the very contributions that improve standard of living for others. There are some obstacles that have crossed my path once in while, like home sickness or occasional miscommunications, but nevertheless, it is a good adventure worth taking and a time I will look back on in the future. Being able to go on project at the only Guyanese challenger for YCGI‘s 2005 8 weeks Phase C was fascinating, having to train youths to become peer mentor’s helping them to start up youth groups, teaching in the primary and secondary school of Mahadia with there school work, building friendships with the community members and international challenger form Canada and Australia was great working with them to create programme for world AIDS day and planning a workshop on Capacity Building for youths the most memorable of all was having to give a speech on world AIDS day in Micobe and Educating youths of Princeville(villages in Mahadia Region #8 ) , I must say thanks to YCG for that . After this experience, I felt that they were much more work for me to do so I join Volunteer Youth Corps. Working with them was as great as all the other’s. I started to work with the Care and support department, which was what I wanted to do, caring and supporting people living with HIV/AIDS which show me a lot about live, help their were remarkable for me. I also work under the other programs there, like the Big Brother Big Sister, Community Out-reach, and as the Administrative Assistant which I would never forget I got to work very close with the Chairperson and vice- Chairperson getting to see who VYC really operate form day to day doing filing, doing inventory’s requesting patty cash, distributing stationary and lot more. As a Volunteer, it has given me and continues to provide me a lot of experiences, opportunities and familiarity with diverse cultures. It emphasizes to me that God’s people have the same heart everywhere. I have learned so mush through volunteering. Once of the greatest things is if we all put our hands together , we can accomplish so much more than anyone can imagine. <a href="" id="crowdriseStaticLink-project-136426" title="Fundraising Websites on Crowdrise">Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise</a><script src=""></script> Written by Korey Chisholm Peer Educator/Counselor Volunteer & Youth Advocate

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