Canada's Disappearing Water Supply

Posted on Oct 2, 2016  |   1421 views  

The photos I have chosen to showcase in my collage, taken by Marcel Finnigan, represent the beautiful place I call home, the Canadian Rocky Mountains. What saddens me most when I reflect upon these photos is how often I take for granted the water I receive from the Rockies. The glaciers here are diminishing at a faster rate than in the past due to rising temperatures, and scientists are becoming very concerned about Canada's fresh water supply. Our streams, rivers, and lakes are fed by our glaciers, and they are disappearing. It seems that human-caused climate change is the driving force behind our melting glaciers. By the time 2100 rolls around, glaciers in BC and Alberta will have lost 60 to 80 percent of their combined volume, if we continue to add more CO2 gases to the atmosphere. It is our duty as inhabitants of this planet to change our destructive ways. Even though we are unable to fully reverse the damage that has already been done, there is still a chance to lessen the overall impact we have on our environment. If the youth of today work together to create awareness about our water supply issues, something that will affect all people, we can make a huge difference!



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