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Nancy La Neve

A few short years ago, TakingITGlobal was a vision, and now it has grown into a global network that has inspired, informed, and involved people in over 250 countries! One of those people was Nancy... read more A few short years ago, TakingITGlobal was a vision, and now it has grown into a global network that has inspired, informed, and involved people in over 250 countries! One of those people was Nancy La Neve, a 16 year old girl who has been an active volunteer for TakingITGlobal for a couple of years. In life it’s not everyday that one becomes motivated by the people around them, or see that dreams can come true. TakingITGlobal was a dream, a vision of connecting people all over the globe as one. For everyone involved with shaping TakingITGlobal that dream came true. Because of all those people, who pursued their dreams, and accomplished something; that some would refer to as impossible, it has allowed Nancy La Neve to grow as an individual. Yet, before Nancy was ever introduced to TIG she has always had an active spirit since she was a child, and that energy lead her to work for Kellogg’s Canada at the mere age of 12. Nancy was part of 21 teenagers across Canada who helped manage a cereal brand and market the product. The teens also created a commercial to market their new initiative, and starred in it as well. Those experiences at Kellogg’s Canada lead Nancy on her journey to creating change in the world. As Nancy entered a new high school a few years ago, with new people to meet and new friends to make, Nancy soon realized that sometimes going after something that you believe in, and have passion for is a very hard thing to do. Nancy's dream was to get involved, to actually make a difference in her own community by serving as a volunteer. This led her to initiate one of TIG’s Global Gallery’s contests in her own high school. Now this was no easy task. Not very many teachers or even students for that matter pay attention to little grade nine students wanting to initiate contests. But with perseverance and ALOT of motivation from the team at TakingITGlobal Nancy decided she wouldn't give up, instead she would pursue her intentions until they would become reality. For her first try, "Promoting a Culture of Peace," (PACP) art contest did run at her school. Due to the success of the PACP contest, many teachers recognized Nancy's efforts, and awarded her with leadership awards, and Nancy even got recognized at her school board for all her hard work. For Nancy, she won a greater award, knowing that she had the power to fulfill her own dreams. She realized that making something happen to better everyone does not come easily, and nothing will ever be handed to you. One must pursue their dreams, because life is meant to be lived, and society must live everyday to the fullest. Now Nancy's connection with TakingITGlobal has increased, without this organization she believes that she would have never realized her full potential as a leader. Nancy is recognized as an effective leader, and communicator within her school, and her school board. Recently, Nancy was elected as student trustee for the York Catholic District School Board from 2003-2005 (YCDSB). This experience has allowed Nancy to submerse herself into a world of life lessons, challenges, and other opportunities; to grow and essentially motivate other teenagers to get involved and start making a difference. In addition to being the student trustee for YCDSB (representing the voices of students in York Region), Nancy is also the President of all English Catholic student trustees in Ontario, thus leading her to take part as a member on the Executive cabinet for the Ontario Student Trustees' Association-l'Association des élèves conseillers et conseillères de l'Ontario (OSTA-AECO). Together, OSTA-AECO represents the voices of over 2 million of Ontario's secondary students. It is an immense honour, and Nancy finds herself learning something new everyday. As Nancy finds herself maturing everyday she continues to find ways that she can make a difference in people’s lives. Nancy is not yet ready to give up on her dreams, and has so many more to make a reality. Nancy hopes to pursue a career in broadcasting, where one day (soon) she hopes to have her own television show that showcases other teenagers who are working to create a change in their community, and who better to show-off youth’s talent, then someone who has been there herself! Nancy La Neve is determined to work hard for what she dreams, because “when you reach for the moon, if you fall you will always land on a star!”

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