Deforestaction Action Agent Borneo - Emmie Willis, Brisbane

Posted on Mar 14, 2011  |   7525 views needs 10 people from across the world to travel to Borneo and become action agents- working in reforestation, orang-utan rehabilitation and connecting and empowering people from across the world via trans-media platforms. Emmie is a clear communicator, she is infectious in her manner and has spent years traveling & connecting with people and their social and environmental issues. Emmie has studied Environmental Science in Brisbane. She did part of her degree on an exchange scholarship at the University of London and The university of Science Malaysia. Her travels across 25 countries and participation in volunteer projects along her way, are an honest display of her infectious energy in taking action. Special thanks to: Matthew Winkler - filming and editing Ross Bird/ Elroy 4.0 - Music


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