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Schola is a 9 year girl and lives in Akamkpa a suburban community in Nigeria and she is one of the 63.5 million Nigerians that go to bed every day with food. The Inscription on her plate reads "ACT" which imply that the government and stakholders expercially the UN must ACT Now! and keep the promise of halfing Hunger by 2015. Standing in her mother's kicthen, she wonders what will she eat today bearing in mind that yesterday nothing entered her mouth. She closed her yes and imagined a HungerFREE Planet and wonders again when will this come to past. Her right to food has been violated both by her parents and inturn by the government of Nigeria who have access to all the resources that is meant for the wellbeing of evry Nigerian. A HungerFREE Planet is possible I said to her only if they Keep the Promise and make Right to Food a Fundamental Human Right.


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