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This is Calabar rainforest one of the best in Nigeria Tropical rainforests are the best defense the planet has against global warming. They regulate the global climate by pumping out heat and moisture from the tropics, thereby creating rain clouds that reach Iowa and beyond. Tropical rainforests are also home to half of the planet's 5-10 million plant and animal species. Unfortunately, nearly 40 million acres of rainforest are lost each year. Though statistics like that can be frightening, I hope you will overcome any feelings of hopelessness or anger and join me in pledging to take action to make a difference. RAN activists from all over the world will unite to prevent the destruction of these precious ecosystems by taking collective action this week. Each day, you have an opportunity to take a new action for the rainforests and see how many other people have pledged to do the same. Take the World Rainforest Week Action Pledge and pick which actions you'll take this week! Try living tree-free for a day; campaign to change environmentally and socially destructive corporations; or throw a Party for the Rainforests this weekend! This week, we can celebrate together and all try to do something each day for the good of the planet and the future. You can make a difference. Together, we can have an impact! Thank you so much,


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