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Egg Museum in Hungary

Posted on Apr 10, 2007  |   3438 views  

This photo was taken in an internationally famous Egg Museum located in a lovely small village called Zengővárkony in southern part of Hungary. In my homeland we have a nice tradition: girls decorate eggs before Easter, and it is connected to another lovely tradition here when guys at Easter went from house to house to sprinkle girls with some parfume and the girls gave the boys those above-mentioned hand-decorated Easter eggs in exchange for the parfume sprinkling. Unfortunately the tradition is dying out slowly, and can be found mainly in smaller communities like villages but decorating eggs became a kind of folk-art through the centuries. It includes painting as well as carving, and shoeing eggs varying from region to region. There are folk artists who specialized in decorating eggs, too. The collection of the museum has not only chicken but other eggs as well.


MediumPhotography, Colour

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