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Posted on Oct 29, 2008  |   1664 views  

When I am creating my art I am in a spiritual high that is as good as it gets. This feeling is worth all the sacrifices I made in my life pursuing my art. It is possible for you to reach this high and feel as good, but only if you are prepared to open yourself up to the energy that comes out of my art. Have no reservations or preconceptions. Attempt to have unconditional trust, as if you were meeting your best friend. Only then you will make the connection with my art. When you communicate with my art you will be in a better place within yourself. All bad influences will be washed away and your outlook on the mundane nature of daily activity will change. Abstract art is the picture of human emotions. If you are a sensitive and emotional person you will enjoy my art. Here I am giving you all the elements to help you make the connection with my art. Take your phone off the hook, get a cup of tea, and take your time. Should you feel some of my joy, sadness or presence there’s no need to worry about security guards. Thank you for visiting. Never give up never surrender

MediumMixed Media

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