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Waking up to Greenery

Posted on Nov 8, 2022  |   417 views  

I am Rishit Kanodia, a 13-year-old Indian. This is how I would want the world to be like, through plants and greenery. The artwork I have made shows that everyone would love to wake up to be surrounded by greenery. The women in my artwork symbolizes mother Earth calling out the greenery, and the yellow sphere symbolizes a ball of energy. When it comes to planning our developments, preserving the natural environment, will always be our first priority. We have to act responsibly and I do believe that every little action we take today will help towards creating a better tomorrow. The philosophy is simple: If you love the environment, teach others to love it as well. It's a simple belief that can be easily transferred to others for the benefit of future generations.

Rishit Kanodia | 13 | India

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