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The Foreseen Future

Posted on Nov 15, 2022  |   504 views  

Environment. Firstly, we should all be familiar with the word environment. The environment is not something that can be easily overlooked without care because all living creatures thrive inside their favourable zones of the environment. I'm attempting to depict a futuristic scene with this artwork. The locations in the artwork depict a world with pollution and dirt in contrast to a world of contentment and vibrant beauty. Our current planet is polluted and in misery. Our past is the era of brilliant hues, a clean environment, and contentment. Yes, the beauty was hidden by the past, preventing further destruction. But right now, to have a bright future and show future generations what leisure we had, we need our Earth back, our untouched and undisturbed nature restored. This is my vision of the future. The past and present come together to provide us, humans, another chance—the only chance we must do even the barest least to shield and defend our planet. To continue having the formally lovely environment we had in the past. If we change our behaviour now, the unique beauty of the past will return, brightening and illuminating our future. My artwork's main goal is to raise awareness of this issue so that others do not ignore it. It is not as modest as it seems, and scientists and researchers have already predicted our future based on what we do now. To always be grateful to our mother planet, which has given us more than we could ever repay, is a vow I would like everyone who views this artwork to make. I hope this piece of art will someday show how happy our lives are. Reshape the world and let's hope for the best!

Khushi Pargaien | 12 | India

MediumDrawing, Pencil

Related Issues Environment

Collections Dare to Reshape Our World

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