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Destruction in the Eyes of the Beholder: A Cry for our Fragile Home

Posted on Nov 13, 2023  |   277 views  

The artwork depicts the vivid imagery and symbolism of the destructive impact of global warming on Earth. Conveying the interconnectedness between our actions, environmental degradation and the urgent need for change. The eyes doesn't seem white, due to the pollution that is now in sight in the sky. Yet, what we see can represent our collective consciousness and the power we hold to shape the future of our planet. While the teardrop falling from the eye symbolizes the sorrow and sadness caused by the devastating effects global warming has caused in our environment with its consequences. It serves as a reminder for urgent need to address climate change, or else all the beauty and diversity of our planet will be lost if no action will be held. Moreover, the dry trees depicts the consequence of extreme weather events such as droughts and wildfires that are now prevalent. These baren trees as the eyelash to the beholder of the eye symbolizes the fragility of our ecosystem. In conclusion, the artwork " Destruction in the Eyes of the Beholder: A Cry for our Fragile Home" serves as a visual representation of the destructive impact of global warming and climate change, plus the urgent need for action. It is my hope that this artwork sparks conversation, raises awareness and motivates individual to open their eyes to what Mother Earth is suffering from now. It is us, the youth, who can create art to be seen, and can use our voice to be heard.

Jasmine Muñiz | 18 | Philippines

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