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Fractions of life in less than a second

Posted on Jan 30, 2005  |   1916 views  

There's a line of Arabic poetry that says: The beats of a man's heart tell him that life is merely life and seconds (these are the words written in Arabic. There are many actions that take place in our bodies in fractions of a second and we cannot live without. When a car runs rapidly towards you or you touch something very hot, your brain works it out in 0.004 second and you get yourself away from the danger. Our lings take o.75 sec to take all carbon dioxide present in the blood passing in them and saturate it with oxygen. The bone marrow forms some 2 million immature red blood cells every second. The kidney filtrates every second about 11 ml of plasma from all the poisonous particles present. All this happens in extreme accuracy and harmony.

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