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VU 17 Gallopping Horse Herd 1

Posted on Sep 26, 2008  |   2417 views  

From the series of "Visual Universes". A herd of horses rushes in full gallopp in the direction of the viewer of the picture, up-frightened by twitching, white lightning jets, discharged from an object sliding over the horses, which looks like a space station. My intent was to show a group of galopping horses which are afraid of the space stations above here heads. The personal background of representing horses in my pictures is my fascination of horses - my wife has a horse since long time and I tried to learn riding for one year until I was dropped down from a horse when I was riding in Umbria in Italy. I got broken three ribs what was very painful. Since this time I stopped riding. The idea of the space stations I got by the collage material I had for disposition.


MediumMixed Media

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