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The Delicates

Posted on May 28, 2010  |   1874 views  

I chose to create a piece of art that emphasized the fraility of humans, but also the safety and comfort humans find in each other. I created a green, colder background to demonstrate two points: first, that we come from nature, and second, that nature alone can't keep us comforted and warm. The subjects are two people, a generic male and a generic female, who are supported by each other. Their hands and arms are intertwined, so they can be close and protected, but also together. Human rights, to me, means not only that the concept of inflicted pain is bad, but also that the concept intended love is necessary. We all find comfort in another person or people, and that's a concept we can't live and grow without. I used warm colours that are symbolic of both our inner physical structure, and our inner spiritual structure.


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