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Ismail is youth right activist, working on women and youth Development through advocacy, campaigning, awareness and media. through the platform of my organization " Optimistic Youth Network" I am... read more Ismail is youth right activist, working on women and youth Development through advocacy, campaigning, awareness and media. through the platform of my organization " Optimistic Youth Network" I am contributing for the society. ( Ismail is gold medalist both in educational career and professional career. He toped the college and University in every level. While in professional level he was awarded by nine shield working for gender equality, youth, women empowerment and peace. Recently on 18 august he was awarded by Gold medal by European foundation for outstanding work for peace and human rights. There are a lot of work by Him in working for peace and social cohesion, some experience which had god him success and ability to sort the problems are 1. Youth leadership Training: Ismail arrange youth leadership training program every after three month on youth leadership which focus on Confidence building, kill hesitation, different skills development on different issues like global issues, local issues resolution, conflict resolution, communication skills, motivation etc. through this program the youth become able to act in their community regarding awareness and practical action on human rights, peace promotion, and awareness in different issues. 2. Optimistic Youth Resource center: OYRC provides a learning platform to both Street youth & Religious institution students to facilitate them in order to create a peaceful society 3. Swat Youth Assembly: Ismail is also founder of Swat Youth Assembly. Swat youth assembly is a monthly gathering of youth from seven tehsil which consist of 65 union councils of the district Swat, ageing from 18 to 29 year of age under the initiative taken by Optimistic youth network Pakistan. The program shall be non-governmental, non-profiting working for vast welfare and capacity for up-lifting the living standards of the humanity, without any discrimination of caste, race, color and religion. Through this platform youth are acting on Governance and political issues, they are discussing their issues and doing advocacy on their issues as well. 4. Social action and research program: Optimistic youth network has wide range of social action, research, documentary making, seminar, conference etc program. In which mostly OYN collaborate with national and international organization as well as with local stakeholder for awareness raising and for taking proactive action in the society. OYN first set the agenda and then make collaboration through sponsorship or donation based. OYN has done bundle of awareness raising events 5. Optimistic Volunteer Network: A Volunteer network for promotion of Voluntarism, awareness and social work which works through collaboration of organization and stakeholder support. 6. Projects implemented on sexual harassment: Ismail has implemented an social action project in female surgical ward of Saidu sharif to reduce sexual harassment. This project funded by Mercy corps in which he engaged the local stakeholders also for the donation. 7. Project Youth action for Governance and democracy: currently he is leading a project with the Name of “Youth Action for governance and democracy” which aims to promote youth activism in polices and electoral process. Through this program he is managing consultative meetings, capacity building trainings, seminars, conferences, advance level trainings, thematic dialogue on Youth policies and so many social action which empowering the young people to educate for their rights. 8. Documentory on HIV/Aids and environment; Ismail created different awareness documentaries on HIV aids and Environment. 9. Worked as peace activist: Ismail is a peace activist which has pledged for bringing peace in this land. Through the platform of different organization he had worked for peace through community dialogues, case studies identification, interfaith hormone dialogues, cultural festivals etc. 10. Trainings organized: Ismail by profession also a good trainer certified by British council and other youth led organization. The following are the major trainings, seminars or conferences he had organized 11. Organized Divisional youth conference for the first time in Swat through OYN 12. Organized one day seminar on the role of youth in the society through OYN 13. Organized one day peace session and screening of film through the Awakening 14. One month session campaign on HIV/Aids and other related Issues in Swat educational institutes 15. Organized one day seminar on Governance and touched them to the Swat youth Assembly. 16. Organized one day session on peace and conflict to the college students 17. Three seminar on “ SRHR” organized and facilitated through the platform of CYAAD 18. Organized nation Youth peace conference through platform of Optimistic Youth Network 19. Organized and Facilitated Four trainings of British council Active citizen for youth through CYAAD and OYN 20. Organized and Facilitated two training of British council school online program 21. Organized and Facilitated five youth forums on youth policy and politics engagement between youth and policy makers 22. Organized four advance trainings on peace through platform of Aware girls More at:

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