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Posted on May 23, 2003  |   1919 views  

Project Objective: <br /> <br /> Select from one of the following three themes:<br /> <br /> 1. OBJECTS OF DESIRE<br /> 2. MOMENTS OF RECOGNITION<br /> 3. PRESENCE AS REPETITION<br /> <br /> In an ASSEMBLAGE sculpture you can take the liberty to assemble any number of materials, both human-made and natural, taking into account the elements of form and the principles of three-dimensional order. It is vital that you are able to present a completed work for the final critique with no loose parts or rag/tag adhesion of parts unless these parts actually read clearly as part of the dynamic of the work.<br /> <br /> I chose 'objects of desire' - with the object being the concept of 'flight'. I took pictures while taking off in an airplane from London, England. I tried to take a picture every few seconds during take-off and then cut out the images and pasted them across a long strip of bristol board. I put thick wires on the back and then attached the curved piece to pieces of string which were thrown over bars in the ceiling so that the piece hung in the air. The installation took a while to set up and I really enjoyed being able to view all of the pictures at eye-level.<br /> <br /> I tried to create an experience for people to interact with by standing in the middle of what might seem to be pictures from a flim - in motion.<br /> <br /> how to create the experience of flight - when one cannot flY?



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