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The Little Prince

Posted on Aug 20, 2001  |   2175 views  

I read 'The Little Prince' for my grade 12 English class and felt compelled to paint this picture. I have just read the SparkNotes summary on the Little Prince and think I know why I was so inspired by this story...<br /> <br /> "The protagonist of the story, he is a symbol of hope, love, compassion, and the child in all of us. Although he comes from Asteroid B-612, he is representative of all of humanity and our need to be true to ourselves. His innocent nature results in continued confusion at the behavior of adults. He has strong powers of imagination and can will a picture to come to life. He is a curious explorer, but cannot stop thinking about the rose he left back home. His intense love for this rose led him to depart his planet, not realizing that she loved him as well. Even though he makes a number of friends on Earth, he still feels lonely without her. However, while visiting Earth, he learns that one must see the invisible aspects of life with one's heart, not with one's eyes, and realizes that he is responsible for the rose he loves. His friends on Earth are not enough to prevent him from returning home to his rose." ~<br /> <br />


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