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Winnie the Pooh

Posted on Aug 22, 2001  |   2097 views  

My friend Katarina gave me a cup for Christmas that had this picture of Winnie the Pooh on it. There is a quote on the cup that says "time for a little something"...<br /> <br /> Creating this painting was a joyful experience because it helped me appreciate "time", creation, patterns, colours, images of relaxation, pondering, and smelling the flowers!<br /> <br /> This painting also represents 'entrepreneurship, science and technology' which is also connected to my past. During the summer of 1998, I was accepted into the Shad Valley (a summer motivational program exposes top youth to the best in science, technology, and entrepreneurship).<br /> <br /> This program takes place in various Universities across Canada. Basically, I created prints of this painting and used them to raise money so that I could attend Shad!!<br />


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