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Separated Connection

Posted on Mar 1, 2012  |   2609 views  

My artworks deal with the relationship between nature and men, portrayed by various natural and man-made materials. Although we are surrounded by these materials that make up our environment, we do not recognize the tight relationship that both nature and us, men share. Either in a positive or negative way, we interact with nature everyday and everywhere. As a Korean student living in Canada and learning about its history, I came across the Native people, particularly their art and culture. Personally, I found their patterns very appealing and used them in my painting to portray the natural side of our environment. Even our society is influenced by the patterns of Native Indians as they are seen commonly everywhere on our bags, clothes, and other accessories. As well, the trend of feathered hair extensions is derived from the Natives, how they decorated their attire and hair with different ornaments and feathers. However, we tend to forget about the origin of all these styles. Although nowadays people do not really pay attention to the Aboriginals, First Nations, or other cultures which made up Canada, they will always be remembered because they are truly the people who make up the roots of Canada’s history and help shape Canada’s cultural identity.


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