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Justin Kahhan

I'm Justin. I've been an art major since middle school up through college, and I am now apprenticing at Amber's Blue Velvet Tattooing and will be a tattoo artist in about a year or so. In high... read more I'm Justin. I've been an art major since middle school up through college, and I am now apprenticing at Amber's Blue Velvet Tattooing and will be a tattoo artist in about a year or so. In high school I was in the Advanced Art program and in college I went in as graphic design. After the first semester I switched to business and coninued that way. About a month into it I began to feel like I made a mistake and went crazy creating tons of pieces nonstop. So I began putting my pieces online on tons of webzines to try and feel like i was accomplishing something, but it wasnt enough. I created my portfolio and went to Blue Velvet and got an apprenticeship. I still go to school for business and will have a degree within the year At my school I am the chairman of music and book bands and events on my campus. Ha, I was made to do it due to the fact that i was a booking agent for two years under my own company, Phoenix Productions. other than being music chairman, going full time to school, and apprenticing at a tattoo shop, i work part time at a liquor store making alright money. I'm usually pretty busy these days, but I know it will pay off. <3, Justin OLD BIO: More experienced than 19 years suggest, Justin Kahhan is someone not to be taken lightly. Born in Bristol, PA, he has been an artist in one way or another as long as he could hold something that would leave a mark. The ability to create, in Justin's mind, does not come without the ability to experience the many aspects that fill life. Inspired by such artists as Derek Hess, Ralph Steadman, Salvador Dali, DaVinci, and many of the old masters, Justin contributes a style to the world based on pure emotion. He works mainly in pen and ink, but often jumps around to other mediums such as acrylic and marker in his pieces. Justin uses music and memories to create his thought provoking work. Being hurled through extreme circumstances and having people ripped out of his life made him question the ability of people to really love themselves and each other, as well as the daily struggles a person faces betweeon good and evil. Seeing what suicide, drug addiction, and lies can do to the people he loved made him wonder for a long time what people are truly capable of. Weakness and strength are all relative, sanity has become non-existant and time is nothing more than the space between life changing events. Music has also effected many aspects of his life. Poetry and sound coming together to create an amazing form of expression. The lyrics touching the core of one's soul, changing how they feel, their emotions, their state of mind. Justin uses both the ghosts of his past and the voice of a generation to create a world of blacks, greys and reds that sometimes may seem darker than what the public is used to. As well as making art that depresses and confuses his friends, Justin books and manages bands in the Philadelphia area. Since music is something he centered his life around, he might as well help out. "I can't sing or play an instrument, but damnit, i'm gonna do something haha." So he did as a bit of a hobby. Aside from art and music, he also had a few jobs for a while as a web and graphic designer. Justin has taken many years of fine art studies, but the course that has affected him the most would be anatomical studies. The beauty of the human form can express everything a person feels without even needing to see the face. Studying the past is just as important. If you do not see where people have come from, you can not truly see where you are going. As cliche as is sounds, it is one of the most truthful things ever said. "I don't think its worth planning the future...most of the time." Justin has had so many ideas on what he has wanted to be and where he was going to go that he doesn't even believe himself if he says he's going to go somewhere anymore. Some things need planning of course, like a vacation, or a business meeting, but the big things should be left up to fate. Being worried about money, how much he was going to make a year and so on were all problems that consumed him for quite a while. He ha realized that is never what makes people happy...they just have nicer things. "I don't know where the road leads anymore, and frankly I don't care."

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