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Posted on Aug 16, 2007  |   2726 views  

To my loved man The only man I ever loved Told me the day He was going to kiss the death But I was too young To understand, Why, And I did not cry I was strong As my grandmother's song! My old man is gone Nor ill not sick, As he said once; "I am a spring tree Waiting Autumn come", O man, my man is gone. I must confess, Photography Is the true piece of Art Of a laying soul in eternity! Now I am alone Growing up soft Like moon light Spilling at night, O God, My life is an empty Dance floor Kneeling down at heaven door! O man, my old man is gone Nor ill not sick Just as an old black stick, Gone, Laying in eternity His is smiling face In a corner of my loving heart, Free soul… blessing of heaven! K.Sila

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