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Posted on Aug 16, 2007  |   2255 views  

Good morning Africa, This will be my favourite song In my straw house In middle of jungle! O mummy, my smile is happy And my soul is running away From the dust of civilization Like Nile washing The tears of my own Africa From north, Egypt. Good afternoon amnesty, I am a sad souL Of the early day Falling from the future Of this blossom year Of dying tomorrow, My soul is a burning body Begging mercy of your sunshine Like a little kid smile Crying on her face, amnesty! Good evening Revolution, I am the child of your blossom Red flag marching on sky, Revolution the old name Of my dreams, hopes and The burning word Of my world, I confess guilty of dreaming On judgement day starting Today and screaming Tomorrow, Like tears of sky kissing My beautiful earth. Yes, I confess; Revolution is the oldest soul of red blood Of my veins And I would like to say: To Europe, Asia, America And you like me, Good morning African "ubuntu" On the revolution day. K.Sila

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