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The Drowning Tierra

Posted on Feb 23, 2018  |   1719 views  

The Drowning Tierra shows the effects of climate change as shown by the miniature model I have made. The most obvious effect is the flooding of everything caused by excess waste and other things floating around. The flooding is also caused by the emissions of CO2 which is used to make the waste that created the flood. Now looking at the effects of the flood, viewers can see that nearly everything is under the water. The severed doll head symbolises the death of the human race if climate change is not dealt with. The snow globe of London shows that cities can drown if the effects of temperature rise caused by climate change prolongs. However there is a positive side to this image as the tank of water is not entirely filled. This shows that there is still hope to save the Earth from climate change and its effects. Lastly, I put a black and white filter on the image with rough texturing to emphasise the feeling of utter despair and to make it look like found imagery from a fictional dystopia where the whole Earth is flooded. The main message this photograph is trying to get across is "be saved or be consumed" as there is no life without effort. This means that in order to stop climate change we need to start changing our daily lives for the better. Humans need a cause to fight off this horrible destiny and that is to keep the Earth alive if we want to thrive.

Fahri Santosa | 15 | Bekasi | Indonesia

MediumMixed Media

Related Issues Environment

Collections #Decarbonize ART4CLIMATE

Tags earth art drowning

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