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<img src=''> name: kristin age: 14 gender: female b-day: August 12 <body... read more <img src=''> name: kristin age: 14 gender: female b-day: August 12 <body background="" bgproperties="fixed"> <font color="red"> <font size="2"> Hiya my name is Kristin and this is a profile about ME!!! well u know that my name is Kristin i was born in Canada but i grew up in the Philippines. i am a very joyful and happy person and i am very hyper. i talk a lot and that makes my friends annoyed lol (laugh out loud) I love to make people laugh. My nicknames are Kriss, Kraft dinner(K.D), and Rini ( i dunno why but people call me that) i am christian (that means i believe in God) I am from a church called FJCC (Friends of Jesus Christ Canada) i love to sing, act, draw, and voice act (copy peoples voices) and i hope that i complete my dream of being a singer. also i love animals especially dolphins =P <marquee scrollamount="2" direction="up"> friends from church mary, krista, kariza, joel, t.j., gem, k.c., twinkle, princes, aeris, jonjon, gerry, erwin, edwin , christle, phanie, jobee, ralf, jadez, kris, karen, kathleen, jen, miko, julian, jairah, dyra, belle, hanz, joanne, jempee, joyce, carlos, and school nadine, alice angela,mandy kaitlin, brinda mints, ivy kiki, katherine justine, cheryl laurie, emily sammie, mallory simer, aisha carmen. </marquee> <marque behavior="alternate"> well g2g god bless cya </marque> <STYLE TYPE="text/css">p

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