Eve Veiled and Serpent

Posted on Feb 25, 2008  |   907 views  

By Aaron C. Donahue Explanation The image (E-077) that you see should be studied carefully. This as with many other examples of my work demonstrates that spiritual projection is possible. I believe that such a profound discovery should it be accepted in a timely manner, could lead into two areas of vital communications research and development. The first will involve spiritual communication with the past as per what we now falsely believe to be of the dead. The second area will involve time travel utilizing not the human body per se, but of its perceived totality and altered DNA until such a time of realization by which the technological process required to do so is clearly understood. That being said, we have much to understand prior to acceptance. Right now as you are reading this, I am developing skills that require the alteration of specific technologies that are in part related to very recent discoveries in physics, human neurophysiology, harmonics, chemistry, informatics*, vacuum “peak radiant” applications, and nanophotonics, etc. Which company will be the first to develop a Spiritual Camera? I am at this time considering the Canon Corporation of Japan in terms of its developing technologies that with a proper understanding of my work, can be utilized to communicate as the mind does outside of time. Recall that when at first Thomas Edison considered the emerging technologies of photography, he intuitively reflected upon the possibility of spiritual images but was ultimately unsuccessful in his attempt to produce such a device in order to do so. Nicola Tesla upon the confines of Marconi’s abrupt departure with his patented work concerning the use and development of the cathode ray tube also considered the idea of “a time in which thoughts would be transmitted” using such a device. Today we call this television. Tesla eventually died penniless and alone in a partially funded apartment in New York City. More will be explained of my unique work in the future utilizing digital movies and pictures as the example. Aaron C. Donahue

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