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Posted on Mar 29, 2002  |   3699 views  

HUNGER IN THE STREET <br /> <br /> Take a look at this piece of art, it really shows the life of a typical africa child. At times I sit down and imagine if there is future for this children and will they live to survive. <br /> <br /> Being an African and a youth as well, I'm really concerned about the street children and the homeless, thinking about the future, their hopes, their life and their mission on earth. I quiet believe that each and everyone of us has a mission to fulfil on this earth and I know there is a reason for us coming to this world. How do we think this set of children that are less previledge will fulfil their own promises and their mission on this earth? How do make sure their hopes and dreams comes true? This as ever been the question borthering my mind. <br /> <br /> This piece of art was a picture scanned and worked on using Corel Draw, the size of the image is 90.1 kb (92,300 bytes), the width is 8.459 and the height is 7.236 <br /> <br /> "WE ALL YOUTHS HAVE TO BE MUCH CONCERNED ABOUT THIS"

South Africa

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