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The Bigger Picture

Posted on Jul 28, 2020  |   887 views  

I strongly believe that the biggest prison most live in is the fear of what others see them as, what others cognize about them. Some people question all the positive things they hear about anyone, yet we believe every single ‘ imperfect ’ thing without a single thought. The stark reality is that we are so glorified by the happiness of others that we blame our underlying circumstances for not being satisfied by what we are. I have written a blog post “ The Bigger Picture “ which you can read at : Through this article, I aim to convey how we are converting our lives into a playground of our own insecurities, which linger around us throughout our lives. Instead of deliberating on how if we are ‘perfect’ or hide behind our cameras, everyone should embrace the uncertainty of life, stop regretting what they did wrong in the past and appreciate each moment they experience in the future. I wish for every individual to always remember that they are as beautiful or ugly as they think they are! Everyone defines their own beauty! And no one can take that away!

Manya Khemka | 14 | Delhi | India

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