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Posted on Aug 9, 2011  |   2106 views  

Description: In Mayan Calender the End and the beginning of the new era comes with a price. Like Dinasaur that ruled planet Earth had their chances, so Humans at present. Now its about to "Ecolophis" when time again plays. And creates a stage to give chance for new supper beings to sustain. Medium: Clay, Paper board, Wires. This peice of Art is based on Mayan Calender and style which defies "End of World" to a new begining, I tried to put my concept and connect to the extict Dinasaur, Who once ruled and romed our planet.And now time plays again. Size: 4" inches in length and 6" inches in height. and other obne is 8.5" inches in length and 4" inches in height. These piece of Arts are for sell if interested can buy it. Artist: Sushil Pawar (BFA Artist) mail: or call : 8291664158


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