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The Belonging Tree

Posted on Oct 15, 2015  |   2454 views  

The poster I have created illustrates primary school students from my school, The British School Jakarta (BSJ) playing and teaching students from Sekolah Bisa, which is a school created by the IB students at BSJ as a part of CAS. Sekolah BIsa provides and education as well as a hot meal everyday for over twenty children that live in the surrounding shanty town area. Running the school is made possible by the students, parents and staff at BSJ through sponsorship of the children for their school fees as well as fundraisers that help provide the funds necessary to keep the facilities in good condition. Sekolah Bisa allows these shanty children to a sense of belonging as they are given the right to an education therefore they are being acknowledged. Many of the children that go to Sekolah Bisa don't have neither birth certificates nor families so it is clear that they don't feel they belong anywhere. By interacting with these young children, we're showing them that they are indeed welcome to our community and that they can have a positive impact on the world. The poster signifies a tree since we as humans are like the separate branches. Alone, we are able to achieve some things, but put all the branches together and you get a tree-a much stronger and taller structure.


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