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Moustafa Mohamed Hussein

I am <a href="">Moustafa</a>. I hold a BSc. of Communications and Electronics from <a href="">Alexandria University.</a><br> I live in <a... read more I am <a href="">Moustafa</a>. I hold a BSc. of Communications and Electronics from <a href="">Alexandria University.</a><br> I live in <a href="">Alexandria</a>, the second Largest City in <a href="">Egypt </a>and I am fond of Alexandria. I have started my activities in the social field through being a member of <a href="">YES Network Egypt</a> in July 2002 and I had the chance to work on organizing <a href="">Youth Employment Summit 2002</a> with the <a href="">EDC Stuff</a> that was held in Alexandria from 7th to 11th September 2002 and it was really a great experience. I was able to participate later on in organizing many international conferences and festivals that are occurring in <a href=>Bibliotheca Alexandrina</a> and also taking place all over <a href="">Egypt </a> as <a href=>Critical Reforms in the Arab World</a>, <a href="">BioVision Alexandria</a>, <a href="">Beacon for Freedom of Expression</a> and <a href="">more...</a> This is besides organizing some international championships that were held in Egypt as <a href=""> 22nd African Championship for basketball for men.</a><br> I was chosen to be one of the organizers for International Youth Camp no. 37 that was held in Al-Arish, Egypt from 31st of July till 8th of August 2004. The camp was organized by <a href="">The Egyptian Ministry of Youth.</a> This camp had delegations from 34 countries and was attended by 300 young people.<br> I also took part in organizing the inauguration event of <a href="">Anna Lindh Foundation</a> in April 2005. Anna Lindh foundation is the first common institution jointly established and financed by all 35 members of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. This far reaching partnership between the European Union and their partners in the southern Mediterranean region was launched at the Barcelona Conference in 1995. The declaration adopted at Barcelona strongly promotes regional cooperation in the economic, social and cultural fields. <a href="">YES Network Egypt</a> succeeded to register itself as an NGO since April 2003 under the name of <a href="">Sustainable Development Association</a> and I helped in establishing this organization and currently working with it and involved with its <a href="">projects</a> and <a href="">programs.</a> I also attended several workshops on unemployment and human resources. I have been one of the high board and the vice president for the <a href="">1st Alexandria International Model United Nations (AIMUN)</a> which is the first model of simulation to the United Nations in Alexandria. Through this model we tackled the progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. We held 8 training sessions for the selected delegates during July 2005 and a 4-days conference from 7-10 August 2005. This project is hosted by SDA and in cooperation with Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Reform Forum and Russian Culture Center. I have attended <a href=> the second phase of the World Summit on Information Society WSIS</a> as part of TakingITGlobal’s delegation and that was from 16th to 18th November 2005. I have worked as an Editor for the <a href=>Arabic Version</a> of <a href="">TakingITGlobal</a> till <a href="">the launch of the Arabic Version</a> in 5th December 2004. I have been the Arabic Translations Coodinator for TakingITGlobal since January 2005 and till March 2006. From April 2006 till December 2006, I was the <a href="">Arabic Engagement Coordinator</a> for TakingITGlobal and starting year 2007 I am an Adivsor on Arabic Program for TakingITGlobal. Since August 2006 and I am working for <a href="">Alcatel-Lucent</a> as a GSM/WiMAX Presales Engineer which is a job I am really enjoying. I spoke at <a href="">The Arab Youth Forum 2005</a> that was held in Cairo on 2nd and 3rd February 2005. I had 3 media appearance; I spoke to Alexandria Radio which is a local radio in Alexandria about TIG's website and the Arabic translation experience, I was featured in <a href="">El-Akhbar Newspaper</a> for my participation as an Egyptian youth in WSIS II and the 3rd was in <a href="">BBC News Website</a> during WSIS II.

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