Wild & Free

Posted on Apr 29, 2006  |   1701 views  

These years will be the best of my life. I’ve heard it so many times there must be something to it. Never again will I feel this wild and this free. I decided to do graffiti on my boyfriend’s wall the bold purple and red words that I think sum up my experience as a young adult. “Wild & Free” is to me the life that I have enjoyed, that I have come to embrace as my own. I now hope it is my message to others. Those who run away from their "problems", those poor, doomed adolescents of 2006. How terrible! This is what our lives are like, and most of the time its too hard to just appreciate it so we decide to wreck it ourselves, sabotaging our own lives. Next time you try to go out and destroy your own world just because you have the power to, remember it won’t be forever that you are young and someday you’ll wish you really enjoyed your teen years of being wild and free.


MediumPainting, Acrylic

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