Brandon Boyd

Posted on Apr 29, 2006  |   2038 views  

I have been enjoying the lyrics and ideals of singer-songwriter Brandon Boyd for so many years that I can't even recollect exactly when I started to enjoy Incubus. Music to me holds a certain influence on a person that is comparable to art, but in many ways is different. The visual stimulation of art and the acoustics of music are the ways that people communicate and make an influence. When your music has a backbone people raise questions, and that is exactly why I created this piece. The music created by Incubus creates so many ideas and questions in my mind that I had to express them. I captured this image of Brandon Boyd in black and white and to me it is like listening to the music. You can't see the colour, but you still know that it is there. It doesn’t need to be seen to convey that there is someone waiting to show you their ideas. All you need to do is listen. I recommend “Redefine - Incubus”.


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