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The Lusca

Posted on Feb 22, 2004  |   6268 views  

Blue holes are underwater caves that link fresh water pools with the ocean. Andros, an island of the Bahamas, is known for many of its spectacular blue holes. A mythical creature, known as the Lusca, is said to live in these blue holes. It is a half dragon, half octopus who drowns unwary divers and fishermen. Exploring blue holes is a risky adventure in itself. Along with the fact that they are teeming with different types of fish, it is no surprise that ancient people believed that the Lusca was to blame for underwater accidents. No one knows for sure how the Lusca came into being, or why it is such an aggressive creature but one thing is certain, the Lusca is not something you would want to run into in the deep, dark, depths of the ocean.


MediumPainting, Watercolour

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Collections Imagining Histories

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