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INTRODUCING NIGERIA GRASSROOT YOUTH FORUM (NGRYF) NIGERIA GRASSROOT YOUTH FORUM (NGRYF): Is conceived on recognition of the fact that a good percentage of our youth would be leaders and parents... read more INTRODUCING NIGERIA GRASSROOT YOUTH FORUM (NGRYF) NIGERIA GRASSROOT YOUTH FORUM (NGRYF): Is conceived on recognition of the fact that a good percentage of our youth would be leaders and parents have either derailed from positive living or are at the verge of doing so due to influences such as: PEER PREASURE: Youths are mostly influenced and lured into doing what they aught not to do just because their peers tend to have a stronger influence on their counterparts. MASS MEDIA: The effects of the mass media on the youths can almost be described as negative. The advent of magazine that practice junk journalism and ill-inspired texts/stories the publication and circulation of such write ups as making quick money glamorous lifestyle, sex, drug peddling gangasterism etc, only leave our youths in the world of imagination and fantasies, thereby allowing them the practice of such vices. SOCIETY: Some of our societal beliefs, norms and values are archaic and in human in it exploits. Some of these cultures, which have been inculcated and in bided in the youths are the causes of communal and trial classes as evidenced today, since it’s the weapon often used by the elderly to induce fights and cause disharmony. FAMILY: The influence of family on the youths cannot be over emphasis. A hostile family tends to bring up hostile child. A broken home tends to bring up without have and parental care. These children will grow up to become hostile youths without love and affection for others. CURIOSITY: Most youths get into negative vices simply because they are curious and want to experiment. A twenty - three year old drug – addict confessed that he got into drugs because he wanted to feel the after effect. INFERIORITY COMPLEX: When youths develop an inferiority complex among their peers either because of their family background and status or the way they see them selves as inferiors they tend to resort to taking intoxicants such as; Opium, alcohol drugs, all of the social vices that characterize the youth of our society, which gives them a temporary and false feelings self esteem and importance to stand their company. Most of these youths would have remained on track if they had been properly checked, advised and given relevant information. AIMS/OBJECTIVES: NGRYF is designed to expose direct and educate the youths, parents, guardians and the entire society on cause and consequences of indulgence in such negative vices with a view of correcting and setting some control for a healthier tomorrow. AIM AND OBJECTIVES OF THE ORGANISATION (1) To set a forum where issues of dispute among the states of the federation, armed conflict, hunger & starving, prostitution, armed robbery, inter tribal wars, fraud, measly, abortion, unwanted pregnancy, lack of information will be discuss and solutions to them. (2) To promote good governance in Nigeria. (3) To protect and defend the social and academic right of every Nigerian youth who desires to go to school. (4) To carry our research and publications on major issues of concern to the Nigerian youth. (5) To co-operate and participate jointly with other humanitarian organizations in all matter, and the problems concerning displaces persons anywhere in Nigeria. (6) To provide a forum for discussion and debate for anybody interested in youth problems, and to encourage and carry out research and publications on such problems. (7) To establish a link between the youth and local, state and federal government of Nigeria. (8) To undertake and participate in humanitarian effort for the eradication and relief of all of those things that have been mentioned. (9) To contribute in the enhancement of youth and Nigerians to the solution of Nigeria problems and to provide operational and advisory services required for such purpose. (10) To develop and identify an active network of volunteer workers with expertise and skills in all occupations and profession such as social workers, military personnel, paramilitary personnel, engineers, teachers, agriculturist, doctors, nurses, lawyers, drivers, architect, and paramedical personnel throughout the federation of Nigeria for the service of Nigeria. (11) To contribute our quarter toward creating certain awareness in the minds of our youths. We therefore saw a dire need for some form of reconciliatory moves for such youths – the need to reconcile them to their somewhat lost positive lifestyle, for a meaningful and better living becomes paramount. To correct some unfavorable norms and values of our society which have disillusioned, poisoned and distorted the minds of our youths hence, leading them to an unfulfilled and unmeaningful living. Their winds have to be re-programmed for a harmonious and wholesome living. To write youths from different communities, tribes, countries and continent thereby eradicating fear, insecurity, pessimism, distrust, etc. Which have been the causes of meaningless clashes, quarrels, misunderstanding, accusations and counter accusations by one tribe and another, one country and another, leading to war. To curb the number of youths that indulge in immoral acts, behaviours and habits such as; smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, and sexual escapades such as homosexuality and lesbianism, casual sex which, exposes them to unwanted pregnancy, diseases, STDs, and the dreaded and incurable HIV virus leading the incurable AIDS. To help youths discover their natural and God-given talents through “talent, hunts programmes” and help them polish it through training so that they can be positive and achieve their destinies. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES: The summation of the above mentioned is to create awareness for the youths to bring about a considerable recall level among our youths. To have a good percentage of our forget audience responds to our campaign. To generate and induce motivational spirits in our youths through, programmers seminars, television on messages dealing on subjects and topics of relevant importance. To engender favourable attitude form our target audience, exit the youth and further lure them to a prosperous gainful and productive living. To support and assist the youth by providing solutions to their problems by way of information relevant to their situations to resonate the youths. To activate good moral standards. To give life trans forming messages to the less privilege youths. Through the medias. CAMPAIGN STRATEGY: We are employing the above-the-line and below-the-line media for this campaign. ABOVE-THE-LINE: the campaign would utilize Radio, television, press and outdoor media. These media of communication will run intermittently. While the Radio media is recommended for its sharp cut across segments of the target audience and if attributes of quickly impressing message on target. Television, press and out-door would enforce the message already by Radio. TARGET AUDIENCE: The target audience cuts across adolescents to adults. However, the topics treated are of interest to all member of the society and families and this makes it a family organization. Since almost every one have been affected by one mistake or another as a youth this NGO is of immense importance to all members of society as a corrective measure. TOPICS: The topics are chosen in line with the realities of societal ills as faced by the youths of contemporary times, such as drug, alcoholism robbery, sex, unwanted pregnancy, cultism, exam malpractices, prostitution, gender-discrimination, broken homes, living with AIDS, abortion, academic drop-out, peer pressure, early marriage, ethnic discriminations, eloping, succeed, orphanage child abuse, state of the nation etc. ACHIEVMENTS OF THE NIGERIA GRASSROOT YOUTH FORUM NGRYF have organized seminars, workshops and conferences in Nigeria. With it primary aim of eradicating some of the social vices that characterize the youth of our society. NGRYF have given scholarship to 10 University students, 20 Secondary school/college student. NGRYF have given donations( relief materials) to many charity organization prominent among them are the KANU HEARTH foundation & RADIANT foundation. NGRYF have in conjunction with RADIANT communications limited organized Beauty contest, Dancing contest, and drama contest to secondary schools in Nigeria for the past few years. this however, is to help embelish the potentials lying wast, untapped and unutilized in them and hence enhance their status. NGRYF are currently fighting against terrorism, transnational crime within it locality NGRYF are undergoing 2 project that might be finance by UNICEF, WONDER FOODS Limited, DANA, GROUP, RADIANT communications limited, and other INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS NGRYF have sponsored it members to national seminars NGRYF members were national observers during the just concluded general election in Nigeria NGRYF have conducted a research on the courses of inter-tribal war in Nigeria. And other minor achievements. THE UNDERLISTED ARE THE AVAILABLE DEPARTMENT IN OUR ORGANIZATION:- (1) HUMANITARIAN/LEGAL DEPARTMENT (2) HUNMANITARIAN/CHARITY (3) HUMANITARIAN MEDICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCE (4) HUMANITARIAN/ENGEENIRING/TECHNOLOGY (5) HUMANITARIAN/MOBILITY/ WELFARE (6) HUMANITARIAN/ GEOSCIENCE (7) HUMANITARIAN/SPORT (8) HUMANITARIAN/ACETECHTURAL (9) HUMANITARIAN/LOGISTIC AND STRATEGIES (10) HUMANITARIAN/FINANCE (11) HUMANITARIAN/INTERTRIBAL WAR AND DISPUTE SETTLEMENT (12) HUMANITARIAN/ADMINISTRATION (13) HUMANITARIA/SOCIAL SCIENCE (14) HUMANITARIAN/GENERAL DUTIES (15) HUMANITARIAN/STATE OF THE NATION (16) HUMANITARIAN/GOVERNMENTAL MATTERS (17) HUMANITARIAN/GENERAL GRASSROOT MATTERS (18) HUMANITARIAN/INTERNAL/EXTERNAL AFFAIR (19) HUMANITARIAN/SOCIAL VICES (20) ARTS/HUMANITIES (21) HUMANITARIAN AND EDUCATION MATTERS (22) HUMAN RELATIONS (23) RESEARCH (24) IMPLEMENTATION (25) HUMANITARIAN/INTELIGENCE (26) DEPART MENT OF AUDIT......(MORE TO BE ADDED) COMRADE SUNDAY MICHAEL National President 234-01-8045704,08029093823 COMRADE ONYEBU L. OBIORA National Vice President 234-08023082460 COMRADE.LUWA JOSEPH Principal clerk of the GA/ Secretary-General COMRADE RICHARD BRIGHT Director of Finance(DOF) 234 08035834553 COMRADE INNOCENT A.BRIGHT Director Logistics/Strategy 23408023841222 COMRADE (MALLAM) A.D.HASSAN Director General Duties 234-08023579581 COMRADE HOSSIEN HASHIM KOGI STATE CO-ORDINATOR OFFICE: EXPLORER CYBER CAFE 31 KARIMU STREET, KIRIKIRI TOWN APAPA-LAGOS NIGERIA WEST-AFRICA BEACH-HOUSE 37,CARDOSO STREET KIRIKIRI TOWN APAPA, LAGOS – NIGERIA. TEL:-234-1-4810426,8116707,080-338-502-99,080233-813-13 E-mail:- CROSS RIVER STATE 8 OKOI IKONA STREET LETANKOM-IJEMAN UGEP URBAN-CROSS RIVER STATE BRANCHIES BEFORE MAY 2006 NGRYF JOS,PLATEAU NGRYF AKWA-IBOM NGRYF F.C.T-ABUJA NGRYF OGUN NGRYF ENUGU NGRYF BORNU NGRYF BENUE NGRYF OSUN NGRYF DELTA NGRYF RIVERS NGRYF KANO for: NIGERIA GRASSROOT YOUTH FORUM. BE A GOOD CITIZEN OF THE FEDERATION OF NIGERIA