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Sunday Onen

A noble and honest man of the honor as a Lawyer, a vigorous man that people wants as their mentor. A capable man that knows what he wants and follows his instinct about his future. He is of solid... read more A noble and honest man of the honor as a Lawyer, a vigorous man that people wants as their mentor. A capable man that knows what he wants and follows his instinct about his future. He is of solid foundation of his faith, home and future. He is a RABONIA, he is the kind that seeks for LOVE in a cool and cold places and wants people around him to give him LOVE in return as he gives his. He made Jesus the back bone of the brave, a humble type despite his intelligence, added with wisdom being a COMPUTER LITERATE, of good behavior and well mannered. He can lay down his life for he whom he loves, bringing himself to the lowest level to make others to understand, the best companion so far, so loving and caring to those around him, makes one happy, laughs always, over looks some mistakes of people that leads to sin (anger/malice). Though not born with a silver spoon in his mouth but he is contented with what he has. He was brought up in a different way with other children, in a quite way, he is so quite and likes being alone and in lonely places, takes his problems personal that he finds it difficult to express except going on his kneels to his Heavenly Father (GOD). A victim of some circumstances but did not allow it to weigh him down. Accepts gift from people whole heartedly, he is courageous in himself, he is shy to the fullest, easy going but difficult to understand, always there for you when you needed him, he is soft spoken, his words heals the wounded heart. He always neat and smart, makes LOVE real by given it wings, catches LOVE when flying. In physical aspect of his life, he is a young man of early 20thies, though not all that handsome and average height but what he has in mind portrays it all, he ha san oval face, chocolate black in complexion, a set of white teeth, he makes the atmosphere around him real and authentic. In Geological part of his life, he is the best animal so far, the most dangerous lion in academics, but the friendliest one in character wise. In agricultural part of his life, the best soil so far that produces good crops to help the living. In mathematical aspect; the best formula to use to drive straight to your answer that is when in problem, meet him for a solution and he will never fail to put you right. In chemical part of his life; he produces the best solution sop far as a chemical result when mixed with bad ones to convert their lives to Christ as a salt strong acid and a strong base in sodium chloride mixed together to produce Na+(aa)+C1- (aa)=NACL (aa). In Geographical aspect; he is the direction of good life, he leads one to know Jesus Christ more, convert and draws souls to Christ. In spiritual aspect of his life, like I said, he made Jesus the backbone of the brave, he is nearer to God, a solid faith that can move mountains, devotes all his time with his Bible and God as he likes working for Him (God). The apple of his mother’s eyes, he has most things in common with people, he is ok with what he has, has confidence in himself. Positive aspect of his life a hot-tempered type, hates dummies around him, and gets angry when asking a question and gets no answer. “THE NAME SUNDAY & GIVEN” What a wonderful name to behold, a name that has no duplicate, so precious and soft when pronounced, so thrilling to the heart when heard, this name has helped me in many ways, rescues me in times of troubles and most of it all it has given me the knowledge and understand to be among others, the ability to excel, which enables me the strength with pride to shout and say SUNDAY it has handed me………………………………… S-----Source of HAPPINESS U-----Unparallel BLESSING N-----Notes book of WISDOM D-----Desire to LOVE and BEHOLD A----- ANTICIPATION Y-----Years of BLESSING G-----Good WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING I------IMAGINATIONS V-----Uncontrolled rolling of JOY and HAPPINESS E-----ENDURANCE N-----Never to be LONELY Reader you see, with all this, I feel like one in Paradise. I love that name so much

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