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Posted on Feb 23, 2005  |   2305 views  

The negative attitude women have towards their bodies and bodily functions is widespread. I see menstruation as a symbol for an injury, a wound that bleeds every month, that a patriarchal society has thrust upon women. Helmot called the monthly bleeding the monthly stupidity; Richard von Kraft-Ebbing described it as monthly madness. In matriarchies there were menstruation rites and it was positively regarded; patriarchies hung the negative taboo on it. Women were seen as unclean, and the unpure blood contrasted with the masculine, healing blood of Christ. I call my series of menstruation pictures "That's the blood I've spilled for you." I try first through the completed abstract structure of the menstrual blood to make the viewer aware of the theme, and second, I use the aesthetic work to reverse the negative value. Women must confront their femaleness, which includes menstruation. This process should not take place in secret any more; the pictures make it public.



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