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Rabi Khan

My Background: I was born in a village named Khan Baniara near Dhaka, Bangladesh. My first house tutor, on his first day of teaching, wrote my name and drew a rose on my notebook. It was so... read more My Background: I was born in a village named Khan Baniara near Dhaka, Bangladesh. My first house tutor, on his first day of teaching, wrote my name and drew a rose on my notebook. It was so beautiful. I was so impressed, that was it! I started to draw on books, on sand, on soil, on walls, anywhere I could - from my imagination and observations. Later, as a teenager in Bangladesh,I painted political graffiti on walls. As a youth during my school and college-going years, I had a high interest in arts and paintings; but I did not go to art school or college. (I could not make it for many reasons). In 1986 I joined, as a junior artist, an advertising agency in Bangladesh called "Procher". This was my entry into the world of professional artists. "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." - Pablo Picasso I know I am a born artist, just trying to remain as an artist. In 1992, I went to Montreal, Canada and started to work as a dish washer. In addition to that I joined "Bangla Barta" (a Bengali community journal of art, literature & statecraft) as an Art Director (Volunteer). In order to progress my career further, I later joined College Inter-Dec in Montreal as a student in 1995. I graduated from the College Inter-Dec with diploma in Computer Graphics in 1996. Following my graduation, I moved to New York City to work as a graphic artist. After a brief stay there I decided to go for a short visit and marriage to Bangladesh, which ended up as a 5-year long stay! In Bangladesh, I started working in the field of Computer Graphics. I worked for Adcomm Bangladesh, one of the leading advertising firms in Bangladesh, and for Marka, an off-shoot agency of Adcomm. It was then I started to dabble in digital graphic painting as a hobby in my spare time. I used to hang around Dhaka Fine Art Institute campus even though I was not the student there; but I had many artist friends. We arranged Chhobir Haat (an open-air art gallery). One of the aims was to make art more affordable to general people and to give the new artists a platform to showcase their artworks. That time my artist friends encouraged me to put my art works on "Chhobir Haat" – so I did – and the feedback was really, really inspiring. Chhobir Haat gave me the confidence to create more images. Later on I became more serious about my hobby and started painting digital arts. I took computer as a tool to create images of my desire. I thought it’s a complete media and also challenging. In 2004, I came back to Toronto, Canada. There on-line I found – one of the largest virtual art gallery of the world that sells fine art prints and posters of old masters to contemporary young artists. I became an affiliate of it. How was it? Awesome! Imagine your artwork is exhibited under the same roof, or side by side, with the works of masters. Imagine thousands of art lovers are viewing your art, some of them choosing your art for their sweet home. On top of that, also getting appreciations and feedback. What else does one need to remain as an artist? My Inspiration And Work Process: There are two distinct types of paintings that I have created - abstract art with geometric figures, and colourful images with fluid impressions. In case of the former, my inspiration was instigated by geometric and futuristic figures, while for the latter I was inspired by ripples on water and effects of oil on water. As for subjects, I was inspired by my wife and my child. Images of my wife during her pregnancy had profound impression on my paintings. I create a colour palette or create a photoshop file, then put some colour, then play with it with the mouse. (Probably we all some time or the other see one thing or figure on different objects and texture.). I play with colour until I see something. Then I try to explore more and try to make it more realistic. Some times I like to keep it more abstract. Subject And My Art: I'm so disgusted with ugly face of politics and its blends with religion; and I wish I could depict that. I believe "Man born free but every where in chain". When I drew "soul bird”, I tried to see my soul as a bird. When I drew "waiting", I was thinking how my wife is waiting for me. Usually I try to depict the moment, the beauty or the sense of reality. That way I am an impressionist. I do not bother about my colour much, that comes from my heart. I try to do surreal art. Of course I try to do it in my way. Of course mine is modern art, and because this is digital age, I'm proud to call my work digital paintings. You can find me

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