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Posted on Nov 22, 2019  |   969 views  

This art piece is targeted to those who do not care about climate change, who do not see it as a crisis. Even if you do not care about the environment, I am almost certain that you do care about your life and the lives of your children. Therefore, I have decided to appeal to the selfish instincts that have corrupted human nature. The father in this image is a businessman who is melting an ice glacier to fuel the capitalist profits from his bottled water company. He thinks he is providing for his family, but he is so caught up in the money that he doesn’t even realize that his child is drowning because of this. The baby is innocent and helpless and unaware of how he even ended up in this situation when his parents are the ones who are supposed to be protecting his future not destroying it. He represents the youth who’s future is being stolen from as well as the future generations of humanity who are being indirectly murdered. You can call it ignorance or plain foolishness either way the baby will drown if the glacier keeps melting and the water keeps rising. The mother sees her child on the verge of death and she is presented with a tiny window of opportunity to save his life. The question is how quickly can she act before it is too late?

Roisin Brady | 15 | Port-of-Spain | Trinidad & Tobago

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