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Rice as a human element.

Posted on Apr 8, 2004  |   3283 views  

Rice! Known everywhere, used and eaten almost eveywhere. It is, - symbolic of festivities, food , an agricultural and economid product, a societal pride, part of our vegetation, cultural and tradition, a spectacular risotto etc, e.t.c. What have we? What can we say? if rice covers almost every aspect of our life, then it is reasonable to say illustratively that , it is an element of our very human body, illustratively, the human hair, inevitable to the human system as rice appearst to be to man and life. Ineffable to the erderly planter, in art work,as he marvelled at this precious gift of nature, this "grain of gold" that appears to be all around him(man, life and the environ.)


MediumPainting, Watercolour

Collections Rice

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