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Silence Is an Inspiration

Posted on Sep 16, 2004  |   3078 views  

Silence is an inspiration... Silence inspires a sound to be heared more clearly and distinct. like the human head (in the art work), showing the perceptual organ related is silence and sound perception - the ear - and the face reflecting a silent mood, it could be seen that the face sprang up out of the shadowy; out of one infinite form of silence to another and appearing more clearly finally, as the case (my conception of silence inspiring a sound to be heared more clearly) with silence inpiring a sound to be heared more audibly, the face indicate the sound, and the shadowy green indicate the infinite forms of silences. And as the silence (green shadows) improves the sound (i.e the face) comes out more distinct , to ones perception (seing the face more clearly). Infinite forms of sounds are heared as more infinite forms of silence seized the best part of the atmosphere. both need each to coexist: infinite forms of sounds are percieved becouse infinite forms of silence exist (consider sound waves). both exist in the fertility inspired by the other. Silence-the very fertile ground (the greenish shadows in the art work) upon which all sounds (the face) grows (i.e the tones of shadows), by way of inspiration (i.e the yellow spiral- widening in a spiral twixt, indicating perceptual sucession), are heared more distinct. Silence and sounds - both starts in the fertility of the other, perceived by the listening sense organ the ear. Think about it.


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