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Tropical Depression

Posted on Sep 20, 2004  |   1309 views  

What does cold air do When it meets warm? It takes another path like the matriarch from the old guard Did to me by her Freezing blasts of icy wind She despises me and I am I again She sees through the warm fuzzy vapors Right into the yellow Belly Of a vain weak pilot fish Riding the belly of a shark hers is to be powerful, independent take charge But I am no feminist. Three year old Genevieve is my Best friend as Mother Nature declares War on this state I will form an alliance with her To be granted mercy A third storm Ivan rumbles by Brevard was massacred by the second, houses and boats blasted open corpses Body parts of tar paper, plaster Aluminum anarchy gathering flies Florida is quickly turning into A desolated swamp of sadness pock marked By sinkholes that suck the material world Into an earthen vacuum; an unmarked grave To hide what's left of civilization; an unfeeling biohazard The green house gasses warm the waters of the Atlantic But even so we are also scheduled to have an unusually frigid winter Because we are cold on the inside I suppose For when there is no love or imagination left in the world, The very earth can feel it.

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