Mermaid......the Wave Rider

Posted on Nov 13, 2004  |   1000 views  

Wave Rider, 53x48x23 inches. Designed as a ship's figurehead as visualized in the carver's hand as seen from a sailor's eye. For luck or tradition, the carver's art of the figurehead has led many a ship oer the world oceans and carried their crews safely home. Mermaids and mermen have been a common theme for millennia, in part, because they represent the hybridity, ambiguity, and in-between-ness of human existence and the sub-conscious desire to return to the waters from whence we came. About this piece: She is young, strong, proud, vibrant, she rides the bow wave with her eyes wide open, scanning the horizon. Ever watchfull, ever alert, she will guide her ship through unknown and dangerous seas to bring her beloved sailors safely home.


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